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The omelette man at Jodhpur, India
He is a man who is making a killing because of a sloppy Lonely Planet entry. Ram Kishen who had a small makeshift  dhaba `Garib Hotel'  happened to host a particularly hungry Lonely Planet writer who wrote in rather glowing terms about an  `Omtette Shop' where he lunched one day. <br />
Ram Kishen quickly christened his shop as `Omelet shop' and stopped making anything but omelets. Today he boasts of cracking over 1000 eggs a day for curious bag-backers and Lonely Planet clutching foreigner.  The locals however wonder what all the fuss is about because Ram Kishen's omlettes don't taste any different than what they cook at home. However seeing his success some dhabas have started calling themselves `Omlette shop' too.