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Spices in Zanzibar island, Africa
Apart from the cultural heritage of Zanzibar and the preistine beaches the third most touted tourist attraction is the `Spice tour'. The tour operators take you in ``dalla dalla'- the unique Tanzania mini bus to the orchard of a local farmer. I was told the farmer takes a commission from the operators for every visit. One day tour with a stop at the Sultan's Baths, the Slave caves and a Beach with the lunch thrown in will cost you 15 USD. Small change when you comapre it to the Safaris in Tanzania. One is taken aroudn the orchard by one guide but the caretaker of the orchard joins in and gives his bit on the spices. There are other boys who tail you and make bow-ties, glasses, bags out of tea leaves. The orchard has a congolomeration of different spices growing alongside each other. Some of the famous spices here and those that are shown are cloves, nutmegs, cinnamon, pepper.